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The Houseplans-ldl Advantage

The Houseplans-ldl Advantage

Our Mission Statement

To offer stylishly designed architect houses at affordable rates. 

Our Vision Statement

For stylish architect designed homes to be affordable to everyone.

Our Advantage

Houseplans-ldl has a wealth of residential design knowledge and experience that it is pleased to share with it's customers. We have over 35 years of experience designing houses and building homes. Our unique house designs are the creative work of our architects, and each of our house plans is a specific and individually designed home.

Our house plans are complete designs that provide people with design drawings to enable them to build an exclusive home on land they own or are going to own, in an affordable way. This is the advantage of buying a Houseplans-ldl house design, our customers buy architect designed unique house plans at fixed prices. They can then direct the entire process and control thier costs, from reproducing the house plan drawings to building their dream home.

Victorian House Plans Houseplans-ldl

Check out our Victorian House Plans

Copyright 2017 © HousePlans-ldl owns, and has copyright in, all drawings, specifications, models, photographs, other documents and software written by Houseplans-ldl in connection with its house plans. The purpose of these materials is for information only; you may not copy or use these materials unless you have purchased them.
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